My Story

Ever since a child I would sence spirit and strangely know things that hadnt even accurred yet,or know information about those who had passed 0ver whom had not ever met. I would see images of people from spirit in my curtains and other divinations like water,mirrors,tiles etc,pretty much anything really.

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As a young person in my teens I was able to work on psychic and spirit vibrations .I was brought up where in later life my inquisitivness of further developing my spiritual mediumship was accepted and nurtured by my family. I joined a Psychic group who met weekly above a local post office, run by a tutor of The University of leeds of paranormal studies.

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The Search

I continued to search for other like minded people by joining a spiritual church ran by Stanely and Norma Ibbotson, they were wanting to book Colton Institute for their healing service, at that time I was there through the day running my Nursery. Shortly after I joined the healing group and trained to be a spiritual healer. Then by sitting in a closed circle I further developed my spirit connection. A few more years after that I started working as a Medium at various spiritual church services.

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Welcome to Spiritual Journeys,

a spiritualist enlightenment group.

My name Is Rachel Tempest and I would like to tell you a little bit about Spiritual Journeys. We are a Christian spiritualist group in Colton.

Explore your own connections with spirit at our open circle. You can also attend to just enjoy the meditation and healing. Meet up and socialise with like minded people to share views and experiences.

We now run a divine service, every other Sunday ,see calendar for dates. First of all in the service we say prayers and also sing hymns because it helps to lift the vibrations. Then we intend to have a guest speaker who will address us with philosophy and then in conclusion a demonstration of Clairvoyance. Since there is no charge for attending the service donations are of course welcomed.

For people who wish to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities we hold workshop’s. During our workshop’s you will be learning about psychic sensitivity and a variety of other tools to access psychic information. How you can use Psychometry and learning how to ground yourself, what that is, how to do it and why it is so important.

Check the calendar for up and coming events. Explore our website full of information and enlightenment.


Spiritual Journeys